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What is the difference between the Taliban of 1990 and the Taliban of today? Terrorists spokesman himself told

After the complete occupation of Afghanistan, the Taliban have expressed their opinion on many issues such as women’s rights, relations with foreign countries and the security of the countrymen. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid has promised to respect women’s rights, but said it would be done within the norms of Islamic law. He has also told the world the difference between the Taliban of 1990 and the present Taliban.

Taliban said – we forgive everyone
Zabiullah Mujahid said that the Taliban said that we have forgiven everyone and will not take revenge on anyone, including former military members and those working with foreign forces. No one will search his house. People and families were accidentally harmed during the war and it was not done intentionally and happened in an uncontrolled condition. If this has happened, it is unfortunate.

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The difference between the old and the new Taliban
Responding to a question about the differences between the Taliban of the 1990s and the Taliban of today, the Mujahid said that ideology and beliefs are similar because they are Muslims, but there is a change in terms of experience – they are more experienced and have a different perspective. keep. The Taliban spokesman said that we want to form a government in which all parties are involved.

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No discrimination against women, will do jobs
The Mujahid clarified the Taliban’s position on women and said that they are committed to providing women their rights on the basis of Islam. They say women can work in the health sector and other areas where needed. He says that there will be no discrimination against women.

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Statement also issued regarding media
During the previous regime of the Taliban, there were strict restrictions on the life and rights of women. In such a situation, this statement of the Taliban spokesperson is being considered very important. Mujahid also said that the Taliban wanted private media to remain free, but specifically underlined that journalists should not work against the country’s values.

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assured to stop terror in afghanistan
Mujahid also stressed that Afghanistan will not allow its land to be used to target any other country. The Taliban had also promised this in the agreement with America in the year 2020. After this agreement, the way was cleared for the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

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Taliban trying to allay concerns
Many Afghans fear that the arrival of the Taliban will lead to a return of barbaric rule to the country, as seen in its previous regime. The Mujahid also tried to address the main concerns of many Afghans and foreign nationals. He said that women will be given rights under Islamic law.

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Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid