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What is the difference between Sangh Parivar and League? Ahmed Devarkovil challenges league to take action against Shaji


  • Are you eager to take action against KM Shaji?
  • How ugly stone minds are
  • Islam and Islamic Sharia are not for the League to play at will

Kozhikode: Criticizing the controversial remarks made by the Muslim League leaders at the Waqf protection rally, Minister Ahmed Devarkovil asked what was the difference between the idiots of the Sangh Parivar in North India and the League leadership in Kerala. The INL leader also asked if the League leadership would take action against Abdurahman Kallayi and KM Shaji if the League leadership’s regret was sincere.

The minister’s questions were posed in a Facebook post titled “League that sets religion on fire”. At a meeting on the shores of Kozhikode to share the League’s concerns over the Waqf issue, most of the speakers made immature and erroneous rhetoric that set religion on fire. The new leadership was competing with each other to untie the knots. Ahmed Devarkovil said the league’s concern ‘over the appointment of staff to the Waqf Board could be easily understood by anyone who knows the league.

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“How ugly are the stony minds who, in Kerala, where all peoples, like Kerala, live in the shadow of the comforts of their fellow man, firmly rooted in their own beliefs, analyze the other’s family life by the yardstick of their own faith and portray the non-Muslim marriage as ‘adultery’.” The minister asked.

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Ahmed Devarkovil said that if Pacha had called for ‘communalism’ in such a public meeting without any difficulty, one should only imagine the severity of the bigotry and bigotry that exacerbates the confluence of these closed rooms. The League must withdraw from the dangerous game of obscuring the love messages of the Holy Islam from the League’s commercial politics. He emphasized that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations, but rather a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations.

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