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What is the connection of Elgar DRS controversy with Tendulkar! Then remembered that story of WC 2011

Cape Town
The controversy over Dean Elgar being given not out on the third day of the final Test is not taking its name to stop. Even though India may have dismissed the South African captain later, but this controversial decision of the umpire can also draw a long streak between winning and losing. Now the whole controversy is being linked to Sachin Tendulkar’s decision in the semi-finals of the 2011 World Cup. Let us further understand what is the connection between Cape Town Test and India-Pakistan in that semi-final.

Actually, the 2011 World Cup was played in the Indian subcontinent. India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh jointly hosted. India made it to the final after defeating Pakistan in the semi-final match played in Mohali. Sachin Tendulkar scored 85 runs in that match. Ajmal got him out. Even then there was a lot of controversy as the umpires had not given Sachin out on a loud appeal from LBW before that. That appeal is exactly the same as that of Dean Elgar today.

Desperate face, hands on head and huge controversy, Virat was surprised as soon as Elgar was given not out, watch video
Commentator and former cricketer Aakash Chopra also remembered the scene. Ian Gould was umpiring then. The ball hit Sachin’s feet just in front of the wicket. He was given out on a loud appeal, but the TV umpire in the DRS, with the help of ball tracking, saw that the ball was missing the stumps. It was no less than a surprise then.

What happened this time?
Actually, the whole matter is about the 21st over of the match. South African captain Dean Elgar was declared lbw by the on-field umpire on Ashwin’s delivery. Elgr took a review. Hawkeye in TV replays showed the ball was going over the stumps. As a result the on-field umpire had to change the decision. After this, the reaction of captain Kohli was worth watching. Looking at the big screen, Kohli could not believe it. After this, the Indian players stormed the stump mic. The Indian players knew that their every conversation was being recorded in the stump mic. In such a situation, he used it to express his feelings. KL Rahul was heard saying, the whole country is against 11 players. Ashwin then came straight to the stumps and said, ‘SuperSport you should find better ways to win.’