IndiaWhat is 'pogonotrophy'? What has Modi got to do with his...

What is ‘pogonotrophy’? What has Modi got to do with his beard?


  • Shashi Tharoor introduces new word
  • Tharoor shared the word ‘pogonotrophy’.
  • Tharoor has been criticized for mocking Modi.

New Delhi: Shashi Tharoor MP is at the forefront of introducing new words through social media posts. The number of people searching for the meaning of some of the words he utters, including on Twitter, is numerous. Meanwhile, Tharoor came up with a new word for ‘pogonotrophy’.

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He ends the suspense even before people ask what the word ‘pogonotrophy’ means. Tharoor explains that the word ‘pogonotrophy’ means ‘the art of growing and maintaining a beard and mustache’. Tharoor also scoffed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pogonotrophy was a prelude to the Pandemic.

According to Tharoor, the word was introduced to him by his friend Rathin Roy. It is noteworthy that Tharoor introduced the new word considering the demand from the Twitter ID of Dr. Priya Anand.

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Tharoor’s new word is going viral. Tharoor had earlier addressed the Prime Minister on Twitter. Rathin Roy is his friend and economist.

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