IndiaWhat India did in 20 years in the making of Afghanistan, don't...

What India did in 20 years in the making of Afghanistan, don’t turn back on it… PM Modi said in G-20

New Delhi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed concern over the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan. Then it is said that his land should not be used for terrorism. PM Modi was addressing the meeting of G-20 countries in a virtual way on Wednesday.

This extraordinary meeting of the G-20, a grouping of the world’s most powerful 20 countries, was specially convened to discuss the situation in Afghanistan. The meeting was organized by Italy. It currently has the presidencies of the group countries.

PM Narendra Modi told in the meeting how India played an important role in the all-round development of Afghanistan for the last two decades. Told how to change the socio-economic condition there, more than 500 projects were completed with the help of India. This also improved the condition of the youth and women there.

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He said that these efforts created a feeling of special friendship between the people of India and Afghanistan. In such a situation, the whole of India is saddened by the human tragedy and starvation there. The PM appealed to the international community to stand with the needy people of Afghanistan in this crisis.

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However, along with this, PM Modi also warned of the dangers facing the world. Said that the menace of radicalism, terrorism and drug-weapon smuggling will also have to be fought together.

Everyone will have to decide together that an inclusive government should be formed in Afghanistan and the people there continue to benefit from the huge contribution made by India in the last two decades.

He also expressed concern especially over the condition of the minorities there. PM Modi said that the international community and the G20 countries can improve the situation in Afghanistan by taking integrated initiatives.


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