IndiaWhat if you see a mosquito? Dispute with roommate, beating; ...

What if you see a mosquito? Dispute with roommate, beating; Eventually the police arrived

Anyone not arguing with a roommate? Sometimes the dispute is about the cleanliness of the room or the cooking of the food. But a dispute between two residents of the same room in Texas last day ended in a scuffle. The dispute between the two was not a global issue. The dispute was over the appearance of the mosquito.

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Victor Simon Sowers, 43, hit his roommate with a piece of tablecloth and injured him. The Dallas Police Arrest Warrant affidavit states that the young man was bleeding to death and had to have his wounds repaired.

When officers arrived at the scene at 2:42 a.m., Sauer’s roommate was standing in front of the house with a bloodied face.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; Showers said he did not know what the mosquito looked like. But the roommate’s argument was that he knew. A subsequent argument ensued.

When the argument started, Sawers took the piece of table hidden behind the bed and hit the roommate on the head. Police say Sawers was beaten six times. The roommate defended himself with a metal bat snatched from the closet.

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The roommate had deep cuts on his left cheek and the left side of his head. The back of Sauer’s head has been cut off. The left arm is bruised and swollen. Sauers was taken into police custody after he confessed to beating his roommate.

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