WorldWhat happened in the last 24 hours in Turkey's fight against coronavirus

What happened in the last 24 hours in Turkey’s fight against coronavirus

Ministry of Health”” According to the instant data available at the address, the vaccine administered as of 23.00 was 10 million 443 thousand 932 doses in Istanbul, 4 million 732 thousand 635 doses in Ankara, and 3 million 857 thousand 167 doses in İzmir.

Among the population over the age of 18, the rate of those who received the first dose of vaccine was 60.56 percent, and the rate of those who received the second dose was 27.34 percent.

The 10 provinces with the highest rate of those who received at least one dose of vaccine were Muğla, Çanakkale, Kırklareli, Edirne, Balıkesir, Eskişehir, Amasya, Aydın, İzmir and Bilecik, respectively.

The provinces with the lowest rate of those who received at least one dose of vaccine were listed as Bitlis, Siirt, Şanlıurfa, Mardin, Diyarbakır, Muş, Batman, Şırnak, Bingöl and Ağrı.

5 thousand 530 people tested positive, 37 people died

The Daily Coronavirus Table by the Ministry of Health was also shared from the address “”.

According to the table, 224 thousand 184 Covid-19 tests were carried out in Turkey in the last 24 hours, 5 thousand 530 people tested positive, 37 people lost their lives, and the number of recoveries was 5 thousand 217.

Sharing the daily chart, Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca pointed out that there are no provinces added to the blue category today, and said, “We cannot obtain social immunity without increasing the vaccination rate in all our provinces. Get vaccinated as soon as possible.” made a statement.

Covid-19 vaccination campaign continues with the support of celebrities

Public spots featuring artist Ahmet Özhan and producer Acun Ilıcalı were prepared as part of the vaccination campaign carried out by the Ministry of Health with the slogan “We are rolling up our sleeves” to combat Covid-19. Minister Koca shared these public spots on his Twitter account.

In the public service advert, Ahmet Özhan said, “Anyone who has responsibility, loves people, and cares about the health of themselves and the community will be vaccinated. I have no doubt about it.” used his statements.

Pointing out the importance of the vaccine for ensuring social immunity, Acun Ilıcalı said, “Let’s act together to reach the goal and get our vaccine as soon as possible.” he called.

Covid-19 measures will be applied in sacrifice sales and slaughter places

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has taken some measures regarding the places of sacrifice and slaughter, as the Feast of Sacrifice will be celebrated in the shadow of the epidemic.

Posters and brochures on these measures were also prepared and distributed.

Within the scope of the measures, it was obligatory to limit the area around the victim sales place, to create appropriate entrance and exit gates, not to be allowed to enter the sales place without a mask, to carry out hand disinfection and temperature measurement at the entrance.

Ear tags, veterinary health reports, animal passports and transport documents of the victims will be checked at the entrance to the qurban sales places, and those who do not have tags and documents will not be allowed to enter these places.

It is important to pay attention to social distance in animal purchases and to avoid hand contact (shaking hands) between customers and sellers. Hand sanitizer will be available where appropriate. The distance between the tents will be at least 2 meters in order to prevent crowds of people and density in certain places in the sacrifice sales places.

There will be regular cleaning and disinfection. Materials such as disposable cups, plates and forks will be used in social areas. The personnel on duty will wear appropriate, clean work clothes and protective clothing (bonnet, mask, shoe covers, gloves, boots) and wear a mouth mask.

Delta variant of Covid-19 detected in 3 people in Tunceli

The married couple who came from Iraq and their relatives applied to Tunceli State Hospital with the suspicion of Covid-19 after experiencing weakness.

It was determined that 3 people who were tested by health personnel were caught in the Delta variant of Covid-19. These people were quarantined at their residence.

Provincial Health Director Çağdaş Özdemir stated that the Delta variant was seen due to the travels that started from the surrounding provinces to the city.

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