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What happened in the last 24 hours in Turkey’s fight against coronavirus

In the last 24 hours, 338 thousand 873 Covid-19 tests were carried out in Turkey, 26 thousand 398 people tested positive, 213 people died.

The Daily Coronavirus Table by the Ministry of Health was shared from the address “”.

Accordingly, 338 thousand 873 Covid-19 tests were carried out in the last 24 hours, 26 thousand 398 people tested positive, 213 people died, and the number of those who recovered was 27 thousand 160.

Among the population over the age of 18, the rate of those who received the first dose of vaccine was 84.86 percent, and the rate of those who received the second dose was 67.70 percent.

The number of vaccines made in Turkey so far has increased to 105 million 110 thousand 950 in total. As part of the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, a total of 216 thousand 856 doses of vaccine were administered in the last 24 hours.

Muğla, Yalova, Kilis, Tekirdağ, Amasya, Aydın, Antalya, Edirne, Çanakkale and Eskişehir were the 10 provinces with the highest rate of those who received at least one dose of vaccine.

The provinces with the lowest rate of at least one dose of vaccine were listed as Gümüşhane, Şanlıurfa, Diyarbakır, Batman, Mardin, Bingöl, Siirt, Muş, Bayburt and Elazığ.

Sharing the daily table and the number of cases for a week on his social media account, Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca said, “Today’s number of cases is 26 thousand 398. Our new loss of life is 213. If the number of cases continues in the course of the last week, we will not be able to prevent a high number of casualties. Stable with measures and vaccine. “We need to get a drop. The last week has been warning us.” used the phrase.

A “coronavirus guide” was prepared for disabled and elderly care organizations

The General Directorate of Disabled and Elderly Services of the Ministry of Family and Social Services has prepared a new coronavirus guide on the measures that organizations should take during the vaccination process and normalization process in all public and private disabled and elderly care institutions affiliated to the Ministry during the Covid-19 epidemic.

In the guide, it was reported that the disabled, elderly and staff staying in the institutions were vaccinated as part of the vaccination campaign launched as of February 2021. In this context, it was stated that the first dose of vaccines in February and the second dose in March were completed, and it was noted that some practices were terminated in the normalization process after vaccination in institutions, and that some measures were continued in all institutions despite vaccination.

In the guide, where it was reported that the third dose of vaccine was administered throughout the disabled and elderly care institutions in July-August, it was stated that while the fight against the epidemic was going on, in addition to the measures taken in different areas of social life, some measures in the institutions needed to be reminded and updated.

Announced warning from the mechanic to the unmasked passengers on Marmaray

The driver of the Marmaray train, which makes the Istanbul Gebze-Zeytinburnu expedition, warned the unmasked passengers, who did not comply with the social distance, with persistent announcements.

Some passengers, who did not wear masks and did not comply with social distance, on the train, which made an expedition in the evening hours, were outraged. The mechanic warned these people, who also disturbed the other passengers, at the Üsküdar stop with an announcement.

“I will take action against you. You have no right to play with people’s health. You are huge people. Citizens go home in the evening. You have no right to bother them.” said the engineer, repeating the announcement several times.

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