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What does Vietcombank say about the controversial phrase ‘temporarily locking the newspaper yes’?

In the past few days, the phrase “temporarily locking the newspaper yes” has suddenly become a topic of discussion, even controversy on social networks when it was mentioned by businessman Nguyen Phuong Hang in the livestream, after the singer Thuy Tien and his wife. – Cong Vinh makes a charity account statement at Vietcombank. Many people can’t help but wonder what is “temporarily locked for yes”, after the account is “temporarily locked for yes”, how will the money deposited into this account be handled?


On the evening of September 22, 2021, Vietcombank’s official fanpage suddenly posted a post about this phrase to answer a series of questions such as: “temporarily locking yes” means stopping receiving money to the account or not receiving notifications. messages with money in the account; in case the bank account is temporarily or permanently locked, how will the money transferred to this account by other people be handled by the bank, for the money transferred to the temporarily locked account, the credit report will be How it is processed by the bank and how long does it take to process the refund. For details, please watch the video.