WorldWestern 'humiliation of Russia' theory debunked

Western ‘humiliation of Russia’ theory debunked

ANALYSIS – The West would have sought to belittle Russia through economic abandonment and strategic asphyxiation. But it is indeed Russia that has never managed to find its place in the post-Cold War world.

NATO is at the heart of the theory of the “humiliation” that the West allegedly subjected Vladimir Putin’s Russia to Russia. Developed in the Kremlin, the thesis was taken up in the United States by the two masters of foreign policy Kissinger and Brzezinski, and in Europe by the neorealists and former specialists of the USSR such as Hélène Carrère d’Encausse. According to them, Westerners would not only have “abandoned” Russia which since the end of the Soviet Union, was struggling in economic difficulties, but they would have it too “attacked” by extending the Atlantic Alliance to the former republics of the USSR which have become independent.

By moving closer to Ukraine, they would have ignored Russia’s vital need, imposed by geography, history and culture, to establish a security belt around her that protects her from the evil influences of the Where is. This speech has been strongly relayed since the Munich conference in 2007 where Vladimir Putin for the first time attacked…

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