WorldWest Bank: Israel arrests Palestinian child

West Bank: Israel arrests Palestinian child

AA / Ramallah

Israeli forces arrested a 13-year-old Palestinian child in the southern occupied West Bank on Tuesday evening.

The official Palestinian news agency “Wafa” reported, according to security sources, that “the Israeli occupation forces arrested the child Jawdat Mohamed Al-Faouagra (13 years old), while he was near from a school in the village of Wadi Rahal “in Bethlehem, in the southern West Bank.

In the same context, the Authority responsible for the affairs of Palestinian prisoners and former prisoners (official) demanded, in a statement on Tuesday, the cancellation of the “disciplinary sanctions of retaliation” imposed by the Israeli prison administration of Ashkelon in prisoner Mohammad al-Ardah, who was arrested again after managing to escape with 5 other inmates from Gilboa prison “.

According to the same statement, the lawyer of the said Authority, Souleiman Shaheen, explained, in an urgent legal memorandum which he sent to the prison administration of Ashkelon, that the sanctions imposed on the detainee Al-Ardah consist of the isolate in the cells for a period of 14 days, which is the maximum duration of the sentence of solitary confinement according to the laws of the prison administration.

Shaheen added that among the sanctions imposed on Al-Ardah were a large fine, the ban on owning personal items except clothing, deprivation of electrical appliances, pillows and blankets, and being forced to sleep on the floor without a blanket.

The lawyer filed an appeal against the note on sanctions against Al-Ardah, which exceed the maximum penalties according to the laws of the prison administration, especially since the conditions of detention of the prisoner intervene in retaliation for his escape, without consider that they are incompatible with treaties and the norms of international law as to the living conditions which must be provided to preserve the dignity of detainees.

He also demanded that the cameras be immediately removed from Al-Ardah’s cell, believing this to be a serious violation of the prisoner’s right to privacy.

The prisoner Mohamed al-Ardah had started a hunger strike to protest against his isolation and the sanctions imposed on him by the administration of Ashkelon prison since his transfer 6 days ago.

On September 6, six Palestinian prisoners managed to escape from the Israeli prison in Gilboa (north), in what was known in Palestine as the “Great Escape”, through a tunnel dug from their cell. However, the escapees were again picked up within two weeks of their escape.

Israel holds around 4,850 Palestinians in 23 prisons and detention centers, including 41 prisoners, 225 children and 520 administrative detainees (without charge), according to institutions specializing in prisoners’ affairs.

* Translated from Arabic by Hend Abdessamad

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