WorldWest Bank: Arrest of Palestinian writer by the Israeli army

West Bank: Arrest of Palestinian writer by the Israeli army

AA / Ramallah

The Israeli army on Monday arrested a Palestinian writer from his home in the town of Al-Bireh, in the central occupied West Bank.

Eyewitnesses told Anadolu Agency that an Israeli military force raided the town of Al-Bireh and arrested Ahmed Qatamesh, a writer and former leader of the Popular Front (a faction of the Liberation Organization of Palestine).

The same source added that Israeli forces searched Qatamesh’s house before withdrawing.

No press release has yet been issued by the IDF regarding the arrest of the Palestinian writer, but IDF forces generally raids Palestinian homes at night and arrest individuals under arrest. pretext that they are “wanted”.

Qatamesh, 69, is a Palestinian writer who has been arrested by the IDF several times in the past, and spent a total of around 14 years in occupation prisons, according to human rights centers .

At the end of September, the number of detainees in Israeli prisons reached about 4,600 people, including 35 women and 200 children, according to the Palestinian Prisoners Club.

* Translated from Arabic by Hend Abdessamad

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