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Were there any discussions on extending the contract with the Blasters? Star coach Ivan Vukomanovic with the revelation

Ivan Vukomanovic has taken over as the coach of the Kerala Blasters ahead of the 2021-22 season ISL. Ivan led the Kerala Blasters to a dreamlike performance in his maiden season and led the team to the final in the eighth season. Despite losing to Hyderabad FC in a long battle to a penalty shootout, the Blasters are back with a head start this season. Serbian coach Ivan Vukomanovic has been instrumental in making the Blasters a better team this season, having been a disappointment to fans for the past few years. There is a strong demand among the fans that Ivan Vukomanovic, who turned the Blasters into what the fans wanted, should continue as the team’s coach next season. Speaking after yesterday’s final, Ivan gave some hints as to whether he would be with the Blasters next season.

Negotiations were held to extend the contract

Ivan Vukomanovic was asked yesterday if there were any discussions on extending his contract with the Kerala Blasters. Ivan replied that he had spoken to the club about the deal, adding that he and the club wanted him to stay. Ivan also hinted that he was ready to talk to the club in detail about the deal in the event of a season ending.

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The next few days will be used for contract negotiations

As the 2021-22 season draws to a close, Ivan says he will spend the next few days and weeks negotiating contract extensions. Evan made it clear that emotions need to be cooled first and that decisions on these matters need to be made peacefully, adding that he hopes to see you again.

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Ivan in the Kerala Blasters

Ivan Vukomanovic is the coach who replaced the Kerala Blasters in a single season. Appointed coach of the Blasters in June last year, he led them to 23 ISL matches in his maiden season with the team. In 10 of these, Ivan managed to lead the team to victory, with 8 matches drawn. The Blasters have lost only 5 ISL matches under Vukomanovic. Forty-four-year-old Ivan is one of the most beloved coaches the Kerala Blasters have ever had. That’s why everyone says in unison that Ivan should be here next season.

How can players recover from the disappointment of final defeat?

Ivan also opened his mind yesterday about how the Blasters players can come back from the disappointment of losing in the final. He says final defeats are part of his career, and reminded many on the team that this is not the first time they have reached the final. Ivan said he expects his players to play in more finals, adding that “we will work hard again and hope these players can play in more finals.”

Message to fans

The final was played in Goa but yesterday the stadium was the Yellow Sea by Blasters fans. During the talk yesterday, Ivan also thanked the fans who came to Goa to support the Blasters in the final over a long distance. “I am very happy that so many fans from Kerala came to Goa to watch the final,” he said, adding that he enjoyed all the fans and thanked them all.

Blasters fans turn the stadium yellow during the final

Ivan Vukomanovic greets fans before the final