WorldWedding Cake: A piece of Charles-Diana's wedding cake is going up for...

Wedding Cake: A piece of Charles-Diana’s wedding cake is going up for auction

Own report: Who knows where and how that history came to light! If not, Diana’s wedding cake is now public!

Princess Diana and Prince Charles were married in 1981. They have two children. There has also been a divorce. After that, Princess Diana passed away. Charles remarried. However, people’s interest in Charles and Diana has not diminished. The proof is that after four decades, a piece of that wedding cake is up for auction!

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A total of 23 cakes were cut at the royal wedding of Charles and Diana. Dominic Winter Auctions, a British auctioneer, is auctioning off a piece of cake. If all goes well, the cake will be auctioned on August 11.

According to the auction house, the royal wedding cake of 40 years ago was made in a mixture of gold, red, blue, white and silver colors. It was 5 feet long and weighed 225 pounds. However, the piece to be auctioned weighs about 26 ounces.

But now how did this royal cake match? It is learned that it was sent by the royal family to a man named Moyra Smith. He worked in the office of Queen Elizabeth II’s mother. For over 40 years, the Smith family has kept a piece of cake wrapped in plastic and stored in a tin can. In 2006, it passed from the Smith family to the auction house. However, it was not put up for auction then. About 13 years later, the cake was put up for auction. Prices are expected to start at a minimum of পা 200 or ৭৮ 28.

According to the auctioneer, the 40-year-old royal wedding cake is still in good condition. However, the company has made it clear that the cake is in good condition and not edible at all.

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