India'Wearing torn jeans and dirty clothes is not part of Indian culture';...

‘Wearing torn jeans and dirty clothes is not part of Indian culture’; Former Uttarakhand Chief Minister says no change in stance

Uttarakhand: Former Uttarakhand Chief Minister and BJP leader Tirat Singh Rawat has said that wearing torn jeans is not part of Indian culture. He is continuing his old position in this regard. Many people came to the scene to support him. He added that he is still adamant about what he said earlier about wearing torn jeans.

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Tirath Singh Rawat, who took a similar stance last year on women wearing ripped jeans, is a controversial leader. He said he was never against wearing jeans.

“When I was young, I used to wear jeans. I used to buy new jeans and now I do not wear them with scissors. People in India do not attend ceremonies wearing torn jeans. He was speaking at an event organized by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) in Pauri district of Uttarakhand.

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Tirat Singh Rawat has issued a statement expressing his displeasure over wearing ripped jeans after he took over as Uttarakhand Chief Minister in March 2021. “Young women are following strange fashion trends. He was shocked to see a mother wearing ripped jeans and boots. What kind of message would society and children get if such women came into the community to see people and solve their problems. What we do is children follow. No matter how modern a child who gets the right culture from home, he will never fail in life. Tirat Singh Rawat had earlier said,

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Opposition to Tirat Singh Rawat was strong as his reaction to wearing torn jeans was controversial. He had apologized for the strong allegation that the BJP leader had made anti-woman remarks. However, former chief minister Tirat Singh Rawat has repeatedly said that his previous stance on wearing ripped jeans is still going on.

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