World'We want to continue this football by developing'

‘We want to continue this football by developing’

Mustafa Denizli, coach of Altay, at the press conference he attended after the match, said that they made a good start to the Super League, which they returned after a long break, both with results and football.

Stating that they were saddened by the victory, Denizli said, “The misfortunes that our country has been experiencing for a long time, forest fires, the flood disaster in the Black Sea, and the crash of the plane, which includes both our citizens and Russian citizens trying to help us, makes our happiness sad.” said.

Denizli stated that Altay returned to the league after many years and the football and the result made him happy, and said:

“More important than the score, the team’s willingness, the pressure we put on the opponent, we forced our opponent to make a mistake. Together with the new friends who joined us, we gave a team image before I expected. This is very pleasing for us. Today we have a few new transfers who did not work, their licenses did not reach. “The competition will continue. I hope this rivalry will parallel the team’s exit. We want to continue this football by improving it. We have both the quality and the physical strength for this.”

Noting that they have been working for the new players since 27 May, when they entered the Super League, Denizli said, “It bothered me that we started the match late in the minutes when we won. We don’t need 10-15 seconds to be won in these moments.” he said.

Yukatel Kayserispor Coach Yalçın Koşukavak: We would like to start the league well

Lost to Altay 3-0 away in the first week of the Super League Yalçın Koşukavak, coach of Yukatel Kayserispor“We would like to start the league well.” said.

In his evaluation after the match, Koşukavak said that it was difficult to concentrate in the first matches of the league.

Stating that the goal scored by Altay in the 8th minute facilitated the game plan of the black and white team, Koşukavak said, “The thought of them coming back with such a goal and coming out with quick attacks by waiting helped them.” said.

Kosukavak stated that they gave a lot of positions after falling behind and said:

“We would like to start the league well. Starting well is important in terms of motivation, but finishing well is more important. We will win games, we will lose. Things like this will happen. We are a new team with 13 new players and 3 players returning from loan. We need some time to organize.”

Noting that there will be a much better Kayserispor in the coming weeks, Koşukavak said, “We have such material.” said.

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