World'We seem to be getting better every day'

‘We seem to be getting better every day’

Making a statement at the press conference held after the match, the experienced technical man said that they could not benefit from many positions in the match and said, “When we watched inside, we entered at least 10 positions. There are at least 5 position candidates. Unfortunately, our last choices are the hit, severity, direction of our last passes.. It was true that we were the favourites. We applied pressure as soon as we started. We scored a very elegant goal. We missed it. We leaned back a little in the second half, but we didn’t give a position. However, we conceded a very wrong goal. As soon as it was 1-1, there was a Galatasaray that did not agree to this score. My players showed a great reaction. We got into such clear positions… We should have crowned this beautiful game with 3 points. I am really sad.” he said.

Noting that the referee of the match did not show a successful performance especially in holding the standing part of the game, Terim said, “Obviously, if we were our referee, we would have criticized and shattered it right now. It’s a team that spent so much time and 4 minutes of overtime. “We miss a goal every second. I don’t want to talk about the referees, I say it because I feel guilty about our own referees. UEFA will hear me too. That’s not the case. It’s such a good pace, there should be a referee who should give way to the game. He is the one who started the fight. Maybe anything in the game.” It may not have been a mistake, but he wasn’t very good at keeping the unplayed part.” used his statements.

Emphasizing that the rivalry will continue until the last game in Group E of the Europa League, Terim said, “Nothing will be clear in this group until the last second of the last game. If we had won today, I could have said different things. In this group, anyone can go and beat anyone anywhere. “Now, our match with Marseille will be more decisive here. We have to play the match against Marseille as we played today. We did not win. I am very sorry, but I want this philosophy to continue. We are the leader, no matter what anyone says. We have not been defeated yet. I hope we will do what is necessary in our match here and get out of this group.” ” made its assessment.

“We are on our way to being a good team”

Expressing that they want to benefit from all the players in their squad, Fatih Terim said, “We need every player. When we give a chance, most of them use it. Football is a dynamic game, it changes very quickly. Feghouli played well today. I hope he has nothing bad. I don’t think, but taking risks.” I didn’t want to. We need a master Feghouli with this game. Babel also does his best when we give him a chance. The more we get richer numerically, the more easily we can pass this tight schedule. We are on the way to being a good team. We have 1-2 snags, God willing, they will be able to do it in the coming days. We’ll handle it.” expressed an opinion.

The experienced team answered the question about the new structure in the team as follows:

“We laid the foundation. Not everyone takes this risk. We made such a decision as a club. We are very pleased with it. It seems that we are getting better day by day. The foundation was built or the living room was built, the kitchen was built, I don’t know, but we will definitely get better every day. We are behind in this process.” I also say that we do not want to stay. We want to go without loss in the distance we will go. It was very costly for Marcao not to play 8 games. I think we will be better after January. We have a plan in 1-2. We will be more comfortable when we fulfill them. If possible, by June, We will leave some things until July.”

Expressing that they wanted to take Dennis Man, a Romanian football player who played in Parma, during the transfer period, Fatih Terim said, “We wanted it as Galatasaray, but Parma said he would not give it. That issue remained there. I don’t know what will happen in January.” he said.

Regarding the events between Galatasaray Club and the Turkish Football Federation regarding the match being played with full spectator capacity, he said, “I guess that the problems related to the pandemic have come into play. Our club actually made the necessary explanation. I don’t have much to say about it. I will not return to those parties, I will only return to the field. “I told you so. I’m in favor of ending the vicious discussions. I agree with my president and my managers. We try to stay away from this as much as possible.” used his statements.

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