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We need a strong Congress and no one should leave the party thinking it is a loser: Union Minister Nitin Gadkari

Mumbai: Union Minister and BJP leader Nitin Gadkari has said that a strong Congress party is essential for democracy. Gadkari said he sincerely wished that the Congress, which had lost miserably in successive elections, would have been stronger. He also urged the leaders not to leave the Congress frustrated with the party’s defeat. Gadkari made the remarks during an event in Mumbai.

Gadkari’s statement came as the BJP was campaigning in various states under the slogan ‘Congress Mukta Bharat’. Gadkari said that if the Congress was weakened, regional parties in the opposition would strengthen and this was not a good sign.

“Democracy runs on two wheels – the ruling party and the opposition. Democracy requires strong opposition. Therefore, it is my sincere desire that the Congress party should be strengthened. Besides, if the Congress is weak, the place will be taken over by local parties. It is not good for democracy. So the opposition will be strong.” Gadkari clarified. Gadkari’s statement was made at the Lok Sabha Journalists Awards.

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He pointed out that Jawaharlal Nehru was an example in this regard and that Nehru respected him even when AB Vajpayee lost the Lok Sabha elections.

Gadkari said, “I want the Congress to be strong. Those who believe in the principles of the Congress must remain in the party and try to recover from the defeat.

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Gadkari’s remarks came after the BJP won a landslide victory in five states, including Uttar Pradesh. Gadkari said the BJP had a time when it had only two seats in Parliament but the BJP won and AB Vajpayee became the Prime Minister as a result of the work of party workers. He therefore added that no one should abandon ideals out of frustration.

Meanwhile, Maharashtra Congress leader Sachin Sawant came out in response to Gadkari’s remark. Sawant’s response was that he respects Gadkari’s concern. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Modi’s central government.

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