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We must act on the basis of humanity, not religion; KK Shailaja on the subject of Mansia

Kochi: KK Shailaja MLA reacted to the omission of dancer Mansia VP from the Koodal Manikyam dance festival. Shailaja reminded that we should act on the basis of humanity and not religion. The former health minister warned that the country would witness religious extremism and communalism when it became clear that human beings could live only on the basis of any one religion.

It is a matter of concern that the famous dancer Mansia was denied permission to dance at the temple’s cultural festival. Manzia’s request to perform at the dance festival as part of the Koodalmanikyam Temple Festival was accepted after detailed examination and charted on April 21. However, as part of some discussions that followed, temple officials informed Mansia that the event could not be held because he was a Muslim by name.

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But after completing all the formalities and inquiring about the reason for such a reaction, the temple authorities raised the question of why you are not ready to convert even after marriage. In a Facebook post, Shailaja said that Manzia’s answer to the question of which religion he should convert to, which he does not belong to any religion, was in the minds of thousands of people with Renaissance ideas.

When it comes to the fact that man can live only on the basis of any one religion, the country will witness religious extremism and communalism. We wanted the country to grow into secular friendships. That is why it is written in the constitution that when the country becomes independent, India will be a secular country. The freedom fighters believed that we were all Indian citizens, regardless of differences in religious practices, and that the stability of the country could only be ensured by maintaining mutual love and acceptance.

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But it is a frightening fact that today a section of people are being persuaded to think religiously and the Indian rulers are supporting it.

Rabindranath Tagore and Sree Narayana Gurudeva proclaimed that we should act on the basis of humanity and not religion.

During the freedom struggle, Rabindranath Tagore prayed that Prabho would lift my country to the paradise of freedom where the mind is fearless and the head is high … where the barriers of narrow thinking do not separate man from each other. But now we need to see that racists of different religions are trying to push people into the barriers of religious thought.

Are the cultural values ​​that we have acquired during the Renaissance beyond the caste and religious ideology being eroded? Do religious racism and caste extremism affect the minds of Keralites …? Vinod, a Poorakali artist from Karivallur, had a similar experience last day. Since Vinod’s son is married to a girl from the Muslim community, the temple authorities’ response that a person from such a house will not be allowed to attend the temple ceremonies should be taken lightly. This is the primary indication of how much the human mind is divided. If this is not stopped, Kerala, like some North Indian villages, will soon return to a state of extreme sectarianism, anti-Dalitism, sectarianism and neglect of the lower castes.

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Therefore, Malayalees should be able to see these dangers and put up a strong defense against it. We need to be able to set an example for other areas. Religious rituals are the personal needs of every human being. But we need to see how much friendship can be added to them. For example, participation of non-Muslims in art and cultural events can lead to greater religious unity. Such practices have existed in our society since the Renaissance. At least believers should be able to think that all human beings are equal before God.

Artists from all walks of life come forward to acquire and perform arts like Kathakali and Bharatanatyam. The coloring of music, literature, and art by particular races and religions is a reflection of the discrimination of the feudal period. They choose that region as part of their immense devotion to art. Everyone must take the stage to react strongly against this, and above all to uphold human love and create a loving and dignified society. Shailaja made the call in a Facebook post.