IndiaWe know prominent personalities who fought and martyred for India's independence

We know prominent personalities who fought and martyred for India’s independence

The history of the struggle of thousands of freedom fighters behind the freedom that India enjoys today. Many even lost their lives. They even had to sacrifice their lives to liberate the country from British rule.

People from different family backgrounds came together with the aim of saving the country from colonial rule. We are familiar with many of them. But the history of the freedom struggle is also that of many freedom fighters whose names are not even mentioned in history. Our country remembers the history of the freedom fighters’ struggle with reverence.

I know the fighters who were hanged by the British for fighting for the country.

Bhagat Singh

Bhagat Singh was one of the communist revolutionaries who fought for the country. He was involved in the Lahore conspiracy and was executed by the British government. He was born on September 28, 1907 and hanged by the British on March 23, 1931.

Khudiram Bose

Khudiram Bose was hanged by the British when he was eighteen years, eight months and eight days old. He was one of the young leaders of the Indian freedom struggle. He was born on December 3, 1889. He was hanged by the British on August 19, 1908. The charges against him include attempting to assassinate the Duke of Kingsford at the age of sixteen. He was hanged on August 19 at 6 p.m.

Pierre Ali Khan

Pierre Ali Khan, a binder, was hanged for participating in the freedom struggle. He was born in 1812. His death sentence was carried out by the British government on July 7, 1857. He would distribute important pamphlets and coded messages to freedom fighters. He was arrested on July 4, 1857, along with 33 of his followers. He was hanged by Patna Commissioner William Taylor. He and 14 other followers were executed along with him.

Sher Ali Afridi

Sher Ali Afridi is the brave martyr who killed Lord Mayo, the only Viceroy killed in India, in the port of Port Blair in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Lord Mayo was the fourth Viceroy of India (1869-1872). He was in the Punjab Police in the 1860s. Afridi was sentenced to life in prison in Kalapani for killing a relative. In 1872, when Lord Mayo visited the Andamans, he was stabbed by Afridi on his way to Port Blair. The incident took place near Mount Harriet.

There are also Gopinath Saha, Udham Singh, Kartar Singh Sarabha, Tantia Bhil, Tarakeshwar Dastidar, Barindra Kumar Ghosh, Mangal Pandey, Madan Lal Dhingra, Veerapandya Kattabbomman, Sivaram Rajguru walked through India and so on.