India'We killed 600 Taliban'; Weird terrorist organization in Punchshir; Defensive...

‘We killed 600 Taliban’; Weird terrorist organization in Punchshir; Defensive alliance with setbacks


  • Defense forces say thousands of Taliban have been captured
  • 600 people were killed
  • Taliban retaliation

Kabul: The National Defense Alliance (NDF) has said that the Taliban has dealt a heavy blow in the Panchsheer Valley. Sputnik, a Russian news agency, quoted anti-Taliban groups in Afghanistan as saying. The coalition claims to have killed more than 600 Taliban militants in Saturday’s clashes.

The National Coalition claimed on Twitter that it was currently in control of the entire Panchsheer area and that the Taliban had been driven out by a pre-planned attack. “As many as 600 Taliban militants have been killed in various districts of Panchsheer since Saturday morning and more than 1,000 Taliban militants have been captured. Some of them have surrendered voluntarily.” Defense Force spokesman Fahim Dashti tweeted. The Sputnik report says the Taliban are finding it difficult to get essential supplies from other provinces.

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The Taliban’s advance against the security forces in Panchsheer is reported to be slow due to the presence of landmines in the area. Meanwhile, the Taliban said the fighting was continuing. Al Jazeera reports that the mines were located on the roads leading to the provincial capital of Panjshir, Basra, and around the provincial governor’s headquarters.

With the withdrawal of US troops on August 31, the vast majority of Afghanistan’s territory is under the direct control of the Taliban. The Taliban have said they will enforce Sharia law in the country, but will allow women and girls the freedom to work and study within Islamic law. Meanwhile, women have taken to the streets in public to protest against the Taliban, including in Kabul. Panchsheer is a stronghold of the Afghan National Defense Forces, which fights against terrorists. The Taliban have not yet taken full control of the area.

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Ahmed Masood, the son of former Afghan guerrilla commander Ahmed Shah Masood, is leading the defense force. Former Vice President Amarullah Saleh is also part of the defense force. Saleh had previously said in a video message that the current situation was difficult and that the Taliban were infiltrating the area.

Meanwhile, the Taliban have already begun efforts to establish diplomatic relations with various countries around the world. The Taliban has publicly expressed support for Pakistan. In addition, China and Russia are active in efforts to establish friendly relations.

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