Water bottle will not be available in this state from January 1,...

Water bottle will not be available in this state from January 1, will other states also take such a step?

If seen, today the whole world is troubled by environmental pollution. All kinds of efforts are being made to deal with this. Meetings are being held continuously every day, but nothing is coming out of the result. Amidst all this, a state situated in the lap of Himalayas of India has taken the best decision. This decision is an example not only for India but for the whole world. Actually, Sikkim has taken a big step towards environmental protection (Sikkim Banned Plastic Water Bottle). From January 1, 2022, water bottles i.e. bottled water have been completely banned in Sikkim. Earlier this state had used bamboo bottles. Which was very successful. Sikkim is making all kinds of efforts to save the environment.

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On this whole matter, Sikkim Chief Minister PS Tamang has said that there are many such natural sources in the state, from where fresh and good quality drinking water is available. Sikkim is also doing excellent work in this direction.

As reported by The Times of India, Sikkim CM P.S. Tamang has said that the state will provide water from natural sources after the ban is imposed. CM took this announcement on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti.

The state government is completely firm on its decision. The Sikkim government is trying to completely stop the supply of bottled water in the state. If seen, the state government had also started working in this direction. Bottled water is already banned in North Sikkim’s Lachen.

If seen, this decision is a great decision. With this thinking of the government, there will be a lot of success in keeping the environment clean. It was always seen that tourists used to leave plastic bottles on the Himalayas, which had a great effect on the fauna there.