WorldWatch Video: People furious over changing Afghan flag, Taliban militants fired on...

Watch Video: People furious over changing Afghan flag, Taliban militants fired on protesters


  • The oppression of Taliban terrorists is not stopping in Afghanistan
  • Shots fired at a crowd of protesters in Jalalabad
  • Demand to hoist the flag of Afghanistan instead of Taliban

The Taliban has returned after nearly 20 years in Kabul. The terrorist group is now implementing new changes in the country according to its own accord. Even though thousands of Afghans are scared and want to flee the country, some civilians are not ready to bow down to the Taliban. After seizing power, the Taliban have been flying their flag instead of the Afghan flag, and Afghans are constantly opposing this change.

opposition to Taliban change
The Taliban have put up their flags everywhere. On Wednesday, residents of Jalalabad lowered the Taliban flag on a minaret and raised the Afghan flag in its place. Locals took to the streets demanding that the Afghan flag be hoisted instead of the Taliban flag at the offices. People marched with Afghan flags in their hands and protested against Taliban change.

fired at the crowd
According to the local news agency Pazwok Afghan News, the Taliban opened fire on the protesters. Taliban fighters also beat up some journalists covering the protests. In a video shared on social media, hundreds of people can be seen marching with the Afghan flag. Gunshots could be heard in the background of the video after which the protesters dispersed. No casualties have been confirmed as of now.

Women demonstrated for rights
People demonstrated at many places carrying the flag of Afghanistan. In a video shared on social media, locals of Asadabad can be seen carrying flags and demonstrating. Earlier in the day, a group of Afghan women were seen holding the first public protest in Afghanistan, demanding their rights. In videos shared on social media, women can be heard demanding their rights including social security, right to work, right to education and right to political participation.

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