WATCH VIDEO: I had heard 'I hate crocodile by staying in water',...

WATCH VIDEO: I had heard ‘I hate crocodile by staying in water’, but romance!

Romance With Crocodile! Seeing the dangerous romantic couple dance, your eyes will also be torn

Such videos are often seen on social media, which are surprising. Sometimes we get shocked seeing these pictures and videos. One such video is going viral on the internet these days, seeing that your eyes will be torn apart. You must have heard this proverb at one time or another, ‘hating crocodile by staying in water’. But on the contrary, you will be getting to see the romance with the crocodile in the water for the first time. In this viral video, a man is seen dancing with the dreaded crocodile in a romantic style under water. Seeing this video on the Internet, users were also stunned.

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In the video going viral, a man is seen dancing in a romantic style under water with a dreaded crocodile. In the video, the man is holding a crocodile’s hand as if they were a couple. In the video, the crocodile’s head rests on the man’s head. Seeing it, it seems as if he is enjoying some romantic moment. Seeing this video going viral on the internet, users are also unable to believe their eyes. Those watching the video are now asking how this happened.

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This video which is going viral on social media these days is surprising everyone. While sharing the video, it is written in the caption that ‘Hope she is a trend professional.’ The video has got more than 84 million views on social media so far, apart from this, about 7 million users have liked this video. Users watching the video are also seen praying for the well being of the person. Users are constantly giving their reactions on this video.

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