WorldWatch Video: How does a supermassive black hole eat up the surrounding...

Watch Video: How does a supermassive black hole eat up the surrounding matter? Scientists showed video

We have got most of the information about black holes only on the basis of theories. Now a picture of it has been taken and scientists try to find details about them with the help of computer models and simulations. One such new simulation has emerged in which a supermassive black hole is seen eating up the surrounding matter. It is expected that through such simulation their origin will also be understood.

How does Matter come?
The latest video has been prepared by researchers from Northwestern University. The study’s lead author, Claude Andre, says that supermassive black holes are very difficult to understand because the biggest question remains how all this matter comes into small space. So far it has been seen by linking it to the gathering of matter in the Galaxy.

giant black hole
The mass of a supermassive black hole can be billions of years more than our sun. There must be a constant flow of gas for them to survive. To understand their evolution, it is important to understand how the gas reaches them. This has been seen in the new simulation. This is facilitated by the expansion of the universe, the effects of gravity, wind from stars, supernova explosions, and the galaxy’s environment.

Claud says the simulations suggest that structures such as spiral arms in the galaxy use gravitational forces to brake the gas, or else it will always revolve around the center of the galaxy. Due to this braking, the gas goes into the black hole.


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