WorldWatch the video: Mosquito Tornado! Russia is trembling in fear of...

Watch the video: Mosquito Tornado! Russia is trembling in fear of the ‘cyclone’ of mosquitoes

Own report: Mosquitoes have spread terror in Russia. This small insect that came in flocks has created a terrible cyclone! Named ‘Mosquito Tornado’! The Kamchatka Peninsula in eastern Russia is witnessing this incident. Cold currents are flowing through the spines of the locals in this terrible form of mosquitoes.

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Multiple videos of the mosquito cyclone have gone viral on social media. Someone has witnessed this incident while driving, so someone has stopped while walking. According to eyewitnesses, the storm is coming as if covering the sun. Entomologist Ludmila Lobkova says that these mosquitoes did not come together to suck human blood. This is because male mosquitoes mate around one or more female mosquitoes.

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