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Was the ban on Hindi films lifted in Pakistan after the ‘deal’ with Musharraf? Clues found from Pandora Papers

The names of hundreds of politicians, celebrities and businessmen from around the world are coming out in the Pandora Papers leak case. Secret financial transactions have been exposed in the intelligence document, which has started pointing fingers towards many famous people as soon as it comes to the fore. There is a ruckus especially in Pakistan about this. First, the name of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan appeared in this and now the discussion has intensified regarding the former President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf.

The Pandora Papers have revealed that in 2007, the wife of Shafat Ullah Shah, Pakistan’s general and then President Pervez Musharraf’s aide, bought a $1.2 million apartment in London, in which foreign money was transacted. The flat was sold to the wife of General Shah by Akbar Asif, the owner of a foreign company and wealthy business. Asif’s identity is that of a businessman who has several restaurants in London and Dubai.
Political storm in Pakistan due to Pandora leak, Imran Khan wrapped up, opposition also trapped
Film director’s son demands Musharraf
His second identity is that he is the famous Indian film director K. Asif’s son. Asif once met Musharraf at the Dorchester Hotel in London. He had demanded the release of a famous film of his father amid the 40-year-old ban on Indian films in Pakistan. It is estimated that the film was one of the biggest films of the Hindi film industry, Mughal-e-Azam. Accepting his demand, Musharraf approved the release of the film and later lifted the ban.

Names of people very close to Imran Khan included
Leaked documents have revealed that people very close to Imran Khan and his family members secretly deposited money abroad. This also includes those who gave financial help to Imran Khan. Meanwhile, after the Pandora leak, Imran Khan has claimed that those whose names have appeared in the new list will be investigated and appropriate action will be taken if found guilty. He has appealed to the international community to take this issue as seriously as climate change.