WorldWar in Ukraine: Russian hypersonic blasts to impress the West

War in Ukraine: Russian hypersonic blasts to impress the West

DECRYPTION – The technology may be impressive, but its use in Ukraine underlines the failure of the first phase of the offensive.

Strike minds. Two Kinzhal hypersonic missile launches were claimed by Russia against Ukraine. The first allegedly targeted an underground ammunition depot in the west of the country, the second allegedly hit a fuel depot near Mykolaiv, according to the report made by the Russian Defense Ministry. The hypersonic nature of the strikes – that is to say a missile evolving at more than Mach 5 – has not been confirmed on the Western side. The French staff, Sunday, continued its analyzes. But the announcement nonetheless aroused the concern of experts.

More than three weeks into its invasion, Moscow has had to revise its “lightning war” ambitions. The Western powers fear a headlong rush by Vladimir Putin via the extension or worsening of the fighting. By exposing his new weapons “invincible”, according to the term he had used, the Russian president chose a show of force. Never had hypersonic missiles been used…

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