WorldWar in Ukraine: Joe Biden hails European unity against Putin

War in Ukraine: Joe Biden hails European unity against Putin

The President of the United States joined, Thursday, in Brussels, the first part of the European summit.

A united front against Vladimir Putin. Thursday, during his Brussels marathon, Joe Biden never ceased to praise the unity of Westerners. Including when he joined the Twenty-Seven at the end of the day. If Europeans are divided on the issue of Russian fossil fuel imports and are struggling to provide answers to the heavy consequences of this war, the President of the United States has preferred to retain only the speed and determination with which they have acted since. the start of the conflict, just a month ago.

Close ranksis the most important thing we can do to stop this guy (Putin, editor’s note)”, he declared on his arrival at the summit. “I want to thank Michel for the idea of ​​the unity of Europe as a whole, not just NATO. With the G7 and this organization, unity really matters“, he continued in front of Charles Michel, freshly re-elected by the leaders to the presidency of the European Council, but a little taken aback that the president…

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