WorldWar in Ukraine: around kyiv and Kherson, Ukrainian forces counterattack

War in Ukraine: around kyiv and Kherson, Ukrainian forces counterattack

MAPPING – In the south of the country, the Russian noose seems to be loosening around certain towns.

The intensity of the fighting in Ukraine appears to be diminishing as the Russian offensive has stalled for more than a week. In kyiv, clashes were taking place in several northwestern villages such as Stoyanka, partly recaptured from Russian forces. The Ukrainian soldiers were carrying out localized counter-attacks, in particular in Irpin, which they would have completely reconquered according to the mayor, leading the experts to doubt the possibility for the Russians of surrounding the capital from the west.

After Moscow’s announcement of a “concentration of its efforts on the liberation of Donbass”, the fighting is concentrated in the east. In Sumy, a besieged key city on the road to kyiv, the Russian army relaxes its efforts, American intelligence not excluding a withdrawal.

Kharkiv is subjected to a daily Russian bombardment, shots undoubtedly more intended to fix Ukrainian troops than to prepare an upcoming assault. A fierce battle tore apart, further south, in Izyoum and Sieverodonetsk. The fall of these two cities would open up a possibility for Moscow to circumvent the Ukrainian defenses in western Donbass.

The Kremlin’s stated desire to take Donbass also raises fears of the worst for Mariupol, where 160,000 civilians are surviving under the bombs in total destitution. The balance sheet would be at least 5000 dead according to a Ukrainian official. Russian forces, supported by Chechens, have largely penetrated this port and threaten to split the Ukrainian troops in two. President Volodymyr Zelensky denounced, once again on Sunday, a total blockade of the city. “All entrances and exits to the city are blocked. It is impossible to bring food and medicine into Mariupol.”

In the south of the country, on the other hand, the Russian vice seemed to loosen around certain cities, such as Mykolaiv, a lock-town on the road to Odessa, Ukraine’s largest port, which the Russian army tried in vain to take. The front has even retreated significantly, with a Ukrainian counter-offensive on Kherson, the only major city that the Russian army has completely taken since February 24.

War in Ukraine: the situation on March 28. Figure Data