WorldWar in Afghanistan is shaping a new wave of migration

War in Afghanistan is shaping a new wave of migration

Armed clashes in different parts of Afghanistan are forcing civilians to seek refuge in safer areas of the country.

According to human rights activists, since the beginning of May alone, about a million Afghans have been forced to flee their homes due to shelling and attacks by Taliban units on counties and provincial administrative centers.

In recent days, more than 20,000 families have found refuge in the capital, Kabul, according to a report prepared by the Afghan Ministry for Disaster Management. Most of them are residents of the northern and northeastern provinces: Baghlan, Samangan, Sari-Pul, Jauzjan, Kunduz, Takhar and Badakhshan, where fierce battles between government forces and the Taliban took place.

The authors of the report do not exclude that the number of internally displaced persons and refugees will grow.

According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, 5,800 people took refuge in Kabul between July 1 and August 5.

In Kabul, residents of the northern and northeastern provinces live in poverty, in hastily erected roadside tents and parks.

One of the residents of Kunduz province, Mohammed Omer, told Anadol that he and his family are huddled in a dilapidated tent in one of the parks in the capital’s Khayir-Khane quarter.

According to him, stubborn and fierce battles were going on in his native Kunduz. Residential areas were hit by mortars and many houses were damaged. “When the fighting began, the inhabitants fled their homes in fear. There was no one left in the area where I lived. Despite poor health, my family and I fled to Kabul, ”Omer said.

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According to the Afghan, earlier he was the only breadwinner in a family of nine people, and after arriving in Kabul, he was completely left without a source of food.

Meanwhile, thousands of Afghans have lined up at the migration services in hopes of obtaining passports and leaving the country.

According to the UN, in the first half of 2021, 1,659 civilians died in Afghanistan, and over the last month – more than 1,000 people. Another 18 million Afghans are in need of emergency humanitarian assistance.

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