IndiaWanted to be chief minister; Efforts will continue: Ramesh Chennithala

Wanted to be chief minister; Efforts will continue: Ramesh Chennithala

Harippad: Former Opposition Leader Ramesh Chennithala has said that he wanted to be the Chief Minister. He said the opposition leadership had to step down after the defeat in the Assembly elections but the attempt to become the Chief Minister would continue. Chennithala opened his mind while interacting with school children in Harippad constituency.

Election defeat

Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala and KPCC president Mullappally Ramachandran had to resign after losing the assembly elections. Chennithala was succeeded by VD Satheesan and Mullappally was replaced by K Sudhakaran. Congress icons Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi were active in Kerala in the hope of gaining power in Kerala. But the Congress suffered a miserable defeat. The KPCC felt that public opinion in the exit polls was the opposite when it predicted the continuity of governance in opinion polls. Until the result, Ramesh Chennithala and his team were hopeful of getting power.

Complete failure

The Congress, which contested 93 seats, lost 72 seats. The Muslim League, which contested 27 seats, won 15 seats. The Kerala Congress Joseph Group, which contested for 10 seats after days of controversy, won only two seats. The RSP had to be zero. The heavy defeat was due to the infighting in the Congress. The rejection of Jose K. Mani and the addition of PJ Joseph added to the momentum of the defeat. The Joseph faction could not make a movement in Central Kerala.

He wanted to be the chief minister

I wanted to be the Chief Minister of Kerala. The attempt to become the Chief Minister continues. Losing an election does not mean giving up. Ramesh Chennithala said that although the target has not been met, efforts are on for it. Ramesh told the children to dream about the future.

Ramesh Chennithala was removed from the leadership of the Opposition by the High Command after his heavy defeat in the Assembly elections. As the leader, Chennithala was active on a daily basis with allegations against the first Pinarayi government.