IndiaWaiting for rain not to flood; Dean Kuriakose calls for immediate...

Waiting for rain not to flood; Dean Kuriakose calls for immediate opening of Idukki Dam

Kochi: After declaring the orange alert in the situation of rising water level in Idukki dam and continuing rains in Kerala, Dean Kariakos MP made a request to the state government. Dean Kuriakose, MP, said that waiting for the dam to open should not be a problem and that the dam should be opened immediately and the water should flow out.

Fear that 2018 will repeat itself

The Opposition has criticized the unscientific opening of the dams, which accelerated the catastrophic floods in Kerala in 2018. As the rains continued for days, the water level in the Periyar rose. However, the shutters of the Cheruthoni Dam were raised as the maximum storage capacity of the Idukki Dam was reached. As the water level in the Periyar rose, areas around Aluva and North Paravur were inundated.

Revenue Minister says dam should not be opened

However, Revenue Minister K Rajan said the Idukki dam should not be opened in the current situation. The minister said that he did not intend to open the dam now and that there should be no campaign of concern. The minister has not changed his stand even after the high level meeting on water level in the dams. The minister said that preparations were being made for the rescue operation and everything was ready. The minister also warned that stern action would be taken against those who campaigned on social media in a threatening manner.

The water level in the dam

The news channels had reported that the water level in the Idukki dam had risen to 2396.26 feet at 9 pm last night and an orange alert was declared in the dam. The Orange Alert is issued when it reaches 2396.86 feet. Water Resources Minister K Krishnankutty had issued an orange alert in the morning as the water level was so high. A red alert will be issued when the water reaches an altitude of 2398.86 feet. The dam is likely to open at any time after this. Preparations for the opening of the dam have also been completed.

Don’t wait and flood

Meanwhile, Dean Kuriakose MP demanded that the shutters be raised and the water level adjusted as soon as the water level in Idukki Dam enters the red alert. Currently, the water level in the dam is over 2397 feet. Red alert will be declared after .86 feet. The weather forecast is that it will not rain for two days but will intensify from Wednesday. In view of this, Dean Kuriakose warned that the water level should be adjusted by raising the shutters and not leaving the dam open and endangering the lives and property of the people. He waited for the rain to stop and demanded that the floodwaters not recede.

Martin’s family in Kootikal is no more

Martin’s family in Kootikal is no more