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Vyapam scam again in Madhya Pradesh? Know all the answers to all the questions from Anand Rai, the whistleblower who made the allegation

Madhya Pradesh Vyapam Scam News: MP Professional Examination Board is once again in the headlines. Whistle blower Anand Rai has again accused of malpractices by sharing the screen shot of the paper leak. After this, the officer posted as Deputy Secretary in CM House, Laxman Singh Markam has filed a case against him under the Atrocity Act.

Whistle blower Anand Rai named CM House official in MP-TET paper leak case?


Bhopal : Screen shot of MP TET question paper (mp tet paper leak news) is viral on social media. The name of Laxman Singh is visible in the screen shot. By sharing this screen shot, whistle blower Dr Anand Rai had questioned who is this Laxman Singh. After this, Laxman Singh Markam, posted as Deputy Secretary in CM’s Office, has lodged an FIR against Dr. Anand Rai and Congress leader. A case has been registered against both under the Atrocity Act. At the same time, while talking exclusively to Navbharat, Dr. Anand Rai said that I only asked who they are. I didn’t even mention the CM House officer and a case was filed against me.

  1. In the MP TED paper case, did you name the official of the CM House?
    Answer : Dr. Anand Rai said that I never said that this Laxman Singh is posted in CM House. Screenshots of the paper came to the examinees. They sent me on WhatsApp. I have exposed many scams in such exams. We never said that it is Laxman Singh Markam and is working as Deputy Secretary in CM House. This is a straw in a thief’s beard. Governments have to change their thinking. I had tagged the PMO in a similar case. At that time the AIIMS paper was out. In these cases, the central government took immediate action. The Director of AIIMS immediately ordered a CBI inquiry.
  2. The crime branch has interrogated you?
    Answer : He said that the case was registered recently. I got the information only through the media. At 11 o’clock on Monday night, I got the notice related to the case at home. After the case was registered, I went to Jabalpur to consult my lawyers. I will take action on the opinion of lawyers. I’m not going to be scared, I didn’t prepare the screen shot myself. The investigation should be on those who leaked the paper. Earlier, the paper of Agriculture Extension Examination was also leaked in the state. For this we struggled for three months, then the paper was cancelled. In this case also there was no investigation. Instead of investigating the scams, the government is registering an FIR against the whistleblowers under the Atrocity Act. These laws are very strict and it is being used to harass whistle blowers.
  3. Why is the stain of Vyapam not getting erased even after changing the name again and again?
    Answer : Look, understand the intention of the government in this, if I raise questions, then I am linked to the Congress. In the TET case, Congress had alleged that it is Laxman Singh Markam of CM House. There should have been a separate FIR in this. The Congress leader had clearly taken the names. I just asked who they are. I am not a politician, if any information comes to me, I make it public according to the law. There is no case of caste harassment in this. Laxman Singh is misusing the Markam Atrocity Act. Dr. Anand Rai said that Laxman Singh comes from the Markam royal family. They cannot be harassed. If such people misuse the law, then Supreme Court and Parliament should think for amendment.
  4. Laxman Singh Markam doing politics?
    Answer : Whistle blower Anand Rai says that Laxman Singh has come from the Navy on Markam deputation. He is doing politics here. He alleged that he was working on the agenda of BJP and RSS. This is a violation of the Civil Services Act. His deputation should be cancelled. Anand Rai said that I work for Jayas. I am working very actively in tribal areas. The people of the government are not able to counter it. Tribal agitations took place in many places, the agitators were acted upon by Rasuka and District Badar. Despite this, the government has not been able to suppress the movement. People are trying to suppress the tribals by suing me.
  5. All the screen shots are coming in the name of Laxman Singh?
    Answer : Anand Rai said that my informers have sent the screen shot to us. He doesn’t want to appear himself. I cannot make his name public because he is in danger. Those people gave me the information. I had three screen shots. Of these, two were of paper and one was of Laxman Singh. I had also raised the question of reet exam in Rajasthan. In the MP TET case, we only demanded a probe. Had I been politically motivated, I would not have raised the issue of Rajasthan. I am not doing politics.
  6. Why attack the opposition to your allegations?
    Answer : Anand Rai said that the opposition in MP is walking on Jais’s Vaishakhi. Congress has not been able to do the work that Jayas has done in the state in the last six months. We are connected to the public. The people of the state trust us and the information comes to us first. We are going to challenge the case against us in the High Court. The manner in which Laxman Singh Markam is misusing the office, the Lokayukta should take cognizance directly on this matter. Due to this the image of CM office is getting tarnished.
  7. Questions have been raised on CM House even before?
    Answer : He said that even before this we had taken the name of Prem Prasad working in CM House. In 2013-14, he also became an accused, his girl was selected. It is not that the people posted in CM House cannot be acted upon. He said that if any information comes from somewhere and demands inquiry on it, it cannot be an offense from anywhere. Also, there cannot be a case of caste harassment at all. I have not mentioned caste anywhere in the allegations.
  8. Is this a conspiracy to defame the government?
    Answer : Anand Rai said on the government reply that he has a huge attack from the Intelligence Department and CID. The government also has a cyber cell. Even after this, the government is sitting blindly. It means they can’t see anything. When cases are coming to the fore, it should be investigated by taking suo motu cognizance.
  9. Why are you or the candidates not complaining about it?
    Answer : Whistle blower Anand Rai says that when we people have so much reputation, then cases are being registered against us under sections 10-10. In such a situation, how can the child of the farmer and the poor stand against them. Everyone knows how many deaths have occurred in the past in the case of Vyapam. In such a situation, which parent will send their child forward? The image of this state has become like this.
  10. Are government exercises for show?
    Answer : Anand Rai said that this issue is not limited to MP. I have raised such matters in national level examinations. I exposed the NEET PG exam. People are leaking paper by hacking the server. The dreams of the unemployed MPs are being murdered. Cheating is being done in the name of examination.
  11. What will Anand Rai do next?
    Answer : Anand Rai said that this responsibility lies with the opposition and the parents of the children, they should take it on the road. I am taking such risk and raising issues while in government service.

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