WorldVolodymyr Zelensky: 'Putin's blitzkrieg is a failure'

Volodymyr Zelensky: ‘Putin’s blitzkrieg is a failure’

SEEN FROM ELSEWHERE – In an exclusive interview granted to the Italian daily La Republica, the Ukrainian president insists on the importance of the boycott of Russian products.

By Maurizio Molinari (La Repubblica)

“Putin’s blitzkrieg is a failure, our resistance continues, the enemy is demoralized.” President Volodymyr Zelensky answers questions from the newspaper La Repubblica from a secret location in Ukraine. This is the first time he has given an interview to an Italian newspaper since the start of the Russian invasion. If he agreed to do so, it was to look back on the month of war that has just passed. “Ukrainians are tearing down Russian flags. Our nation is devastated, whole cities, like Hostomel, Volnovakha and Boutcha, no longer exist, they have been wiped off the map”he laments, but “our greatest loss is the loss of life”.

His will to fight is granitic. Of course he asks “means of air defense to protect us from the sky” to NATO, but he is also ready to meet Vladimir Putin immediately, “provided there is no ultimatum”.

He sends his thanks to Prime Minister Mario…

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