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Vladimir Putin: the electricity shortage is the cause of the rise in gas prices in Europe

AA / Moscow

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the rise in natural gas prices in Europe is caused by a shortage of electricity and not the other way around, calling on partners not to blame others for their own mistakes.

This is what emerges from a speech held on Wednesday at the “Russian Energy Week” forum in the capital, Moscow.

Putin stressed that the Covid-19 pandemic is having a significant impact on global energy markets, with global energy consumption declining by 4.7% during the year 2020.

The Russian president also expressed his country’s readiness to support Europe in its energy crisis, declaring: “If we are asked to increase gas shipments, we are ready to increase them”.

And the Russian leader added that his country has increased shipments of natural gas to Europe via Turkey and Ukraine, stressing that the energy crisis in Europe is not due to a shortage of gas, but rather to a lack of electricity.

The “Russian Energy Week” Forum is being held from October 13 to 15 in the Russian capital and discusses the future of the oil and gas market around the world.

* Translated from Arabic by Malèk Jomni

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