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Vladimir Putin Photos: Russian President Vladimir Putin fishing in Siberia, who will believe that his age is 68 years

Russian President Vladimir Putin has once again surprised the world with his fitness. At the age of 68, the whole world is crazy about his agility and demeanor. In early September, the Russian president went hiking and fishing in Siberia. The Kremlin on Sunday released several stunning photos from his Siberia tour. In which they are seen fishing and walking in remote parts of Siberia. In these pictures, the rumors about Vladimir Putin’s health have also been debunked. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu was also seen with Vladimir Putin in this Siberia trip. He is considered a very close leader of Putin.

Vladimir Putin is in self isolation

Vladimir Putin is currently in self-quarantine. While returning from Siberia, some members of his team were found to be Corona positive. After which Putin distanced himself from all public events. However, his corona infection has not been confirmed. These photos, released from the Kremlin, the Russian presidential office, were taken during his visit to the taiga. Many claims are also being made about this visit of Putin with the Russian Defense Minister. People claim that Vladimir Putin may present Sergei Shoigu as his successor.

Questions raised on releasing pictures after 15 days


These photos have been released two and a half weeks after they were filmed in Siberia. The Daily Mail quoted analysts as claiming that it could also be a ploy to counter doubts about his health. Analysts told this British newspaper that Putin has to undergo a surgery, he may have done it under the guise of self-isolation without informing the people. However, this report does not say which surgery Putin will have to undergo.

Putin was seen fishing and driving

Footage from Putin’s visit to Siberia shows Shoigu pointing to a bear’s den. An animal was sleeping in that den. Both these leaders also visited the Sayano-Shushensky Nature Reserve in Khakassia. In the released photos, Vladimir Putin is seen driving an off-road vehicle, sailing a boat on a Siberian river, fishing pike and walking through the mountains.

Putin’s image of ‘Macho Man’ around the world

Putin has developed a distinctly masculine image of himself, unlike the rest of the world’s leaders. This style of his attracts not only Russians but also people of other countries. He has previously been seen riding a horse with an open chest and sunglasses, as well as carrying a hunter rifle and flying a fighter jet. These pictures of her also made a lot of headlines.