Vishwajit Pratap's magahi film 'Tilak', popularly known as Magadhi Boys, released

Vishwajit Pratap’s magahi film ‘Tilak’, popularly known as Magadhi Boys, released

One name is always in discussion on social media. This name is Vishwajeet Pratap Singh, lovingly people call him “Vishva”. His contribution in making Bihar’s identity, especially Magahi global, is commendable. They have a channel on social media by the name of Magadhi Boys. Through this, the art, dialect and culture of Bihar are brought in front of the world. Along with this, they also help people through social work. Sometimes they question the government on the issue of unemployment and sometimes they take stock of the bad roads. In this work, his friends also support him. Right now Vishwajit Pratap Singh is making a lot of headlines on social media. The reason for this is his film, which is releasing on Saturday in Nawada district of Bihar. This film is made in Magahi.

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This movie made in Magahi is very special. As always, Vishwajit Pratap is trying to do something different in this film. Today, through his desi style, he is leaving a different mark in the country and in the world. This film has been made keeping women in mind. The director of this film is Rahul Verma. He believes that education of daughters is very important for the development of the country. This film has been made keeping in mind the daughters. The special screening of this film has been kept in Nawada on 9 October.

Talking to NDTV, Vishwajit Pratap Singh told that this is his first attempt. If the audience likes this, then even better films will be made in Magahi. Our effort is that the world should know Magahi.


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