VIRAT KOHLI wore a unique outfit to relieve fatigue, know what is...

VIRAT KOHLI wore a unique outfit to relieve fatigue, know what is air compression therapy

Virat Kohli shared photos of air compression therapy on Instagram

New Delhi:

Virat Kohli The cricket world considers its fitness to be iron. Kohli tries new tricks to improve his fitness, which become headlines. After the tiring journey of the IPL T20 after the Test series in England, Kohli was without a moment’s delay. Fitness (Virat kohli Fitness) are engaged in. This time he has resorted to Air Compression Therapy. Kohli has also shared a photo of himself on Instagram (Insta Gram) with the hashtag of #Recoverysesh. From this it can be guessed that he has started preparing for the T20 World Cup.

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Along with this picture of Kohli, what is air compression therapy, users have started searching it on social media. In air compression theory, a person’s hands or feet are inserted into a structure similar to the sleeve of a shirt or pants. According to the person’s physical appearance, tolerance etc., then he is given air compression therapy.

Commenting on this picture of Kohli, Varun Dhawan has also said that he too will buy it soon. So far 49 lakh people have liked this post. While more than 27 thousand comments have come.

In a picture shared by Virat Kohli on Instagram, he is seen using the very popular NormaTec technique, which is worn comfortably like a dress – to overcome stress and exhaustion. Along with reducing inflammation, it also acts as a stress buster. Along with this, it also works to remove tiredness and protect the players from minor internal injuries.

Just wear this outfit and enjoy the massage therapy. This therapy can be used anywhere lying comfortably. Physiotherapy experts say that along with improving the blood flow in the body, ie blood circulation, it also works well to remove internal disorders. It is also considered helpful in relieving muscle fatigue, strain or tension.


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