Viral Video: This cute little mouse was seen getting his hair combed,...

Viral Video: This cute little mouse was seen getting his hair combed, see his tantrums in the video

There are many people who take care of their pets like their children. From bathing them to combing their soft hair, all the routines are followed. Many such videos are shared on social media too. One such recent video has surfaced, seeing that your heart will also fall on this innocent animal. Sitting quietly, combing the hair, this small animal is making many crazy with its cuteness.

The cute chinchilla is having a lot of fun combing

Many videos are shared on social media taking care of pets, dressing them and bathing them, but this video is different and very funny too, in which this baby white chinchilla is seen. Someone is lovingly moving this pink colored brush through the soft hair of this beautiful and cute chinchilla and sweeping her hair. It can be seen in the video how this chinchilla is taking the filling with his eyes closed, in between he also shakes his head. It looks like the owner of this cute animal is trying to wake him up from sleep. But he is not taking the name of getting up. After watching the video, you will also feel like combing the soft hair of this cute mouse-like animal.

the animal with the thickest fur on earth
Chinchillas are slightly larger and stronger than ground squirrels and are native to the Andes mountains in South America. Chinchilla has the thickest fur among all land mammals, as you can see in the video too, how dense and beautiful its fur looks.