WorldViral News: Nurse makes chandelier with empty vaccine in honor of Covid...

Viral News: Nurse makes chandelier with empty vaccine in honor of Covid fighters

Own report: Health workers are at the forefront of the tough fight against Covid. Coronavirus has gone viral in songs and dances to boost morale. They have come forward to encourage the Corona winners again. And this time in their honor, a nurse made a chandelier with empty vaccine empty vials. His creation has already taken social media by storm.

Laura Wes is a nurse in Colorado, USA. He has made 8 fancy chandeliers by collecting thousands of empty vials of modern vaccines. Pictures of the chandelier he made were shared from the official Facebook page of Boulder Country Public Health. That picture is viral at the moment.

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Laura named the chandelier ‘Light of Appreciation’. He also explained the name. He said he made the chandelier to show respect to people who continue to treat people infected with covid, even people involved in vaccination. Laura thinks that it is through this light that the dream of liberation from the dark phase will be seen.

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