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Violence erupts again in Israel-Palestine, IDF kills four ‘terrorists’ of Hamas in West Bank!

Tel Aviv
Violence has erupted once again in Israel and Palestine after four months of peace. An Israeli military spokesman said Israeli troops killed four Hamas militants during an encounter during a raid in the occupied West Bank. Four other Palestinians have been arrested. An Israeli military officer and soldiers have also been seriously injured in this encounter.

Palestinian Authority confirms four deaths
At the same time, the Palestinian Health Department has said that four Palestinians have been killed in an Israeli army attack in the West Bank. The BBC quoted Palestinian sources as saying that three people were killed in Burkin near Jenin and three in Biddu near Jerusalem. There are also reports that the fight is still going on with Janine. It is said to be the most serious clash since the 11-day-long Gaza War in May.

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Israel troubled by increasing strength of Hamas
Israeli officials have expressed concern that Hamas, which has dominated the Gaza Strip, is now seeking to gain power in the West Bank. For this, he wants to challenge his West-backed rival, the Palestinian Authority (PA). This poses a serious threat to Israel’s security.

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Palestine’s Fatah party called ‘murder’
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah party has described Israel’s latest attacks as “murders” against its people. In 2007, Hamas wrested the Gaza Strip from the influence of the Fatah Party. Now Hamas rules here. Following the raid, Hamas called on people in all areas in the West Bank to step up resistance against the occupiers. Since then, clashes between the Israeli army and Palestinian protesters have continued.

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What did the Israeli military spokesman claim?
An Israeli military spokesman said troops conducted five raids in the West Bank to block Hamas terrorist organization SAIL from operating. Three Hamas militants were killed in a shootout in the village of Biddu, southeast of Ramallah. In Burkin village, a terrorist was killed in a shootout during an attempt to arrest a wanted suspect. An Israeli officer and soldier were injured in the incident.

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Israeli PM’s statement
Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, on his way to New York to address the UN General Assembly, said Hamas was about to carry out terrorist attacks. He said that the Israeli forces fought the enemies. We have pushed them back.

Palestinians protest against Israeli settlements, in West Bank (2).

Israel Palestine conflict (file photo)