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Vijayaraghavan is a communalist; K Sudhakaran says government is fighting for Sikhandi


  • Vijayaraghavan is a communalist
  • Fighting for Sikhandi
  • K Sudhakaran with harsh criticism

Kannur: KPCC president K Sudhakaran said that CPM acting secretary A Vijaraghavan is the biggest communalist. He said the CPM was fighting for Sikhandi. K Sudhakaran was highly critical of the CPM and the government. He also said that the government was fighting against the religious leaders in front of Vijayaraghavan.

Sudhakaran described the CPM leader as a communalist in response to CPM Acting Secretary Vijaraghavan’s remark that the Congress was trying to promote communalism. It has to be said that the biggest communalist is A Vijayaraghavan. Sudhakaran said. He said today’s meeting of religious leaders was the result of KPCC intervention.

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It has to be said that he is the biggest communalist who spews communal poison. K Sudhakaran asked if we should fight with leaders like Vijayaraghavan in front and Sikhandi in front. Check if this is correct. All religious and community leaders have been assured that they will attend the religious reconciliation meeting convened by the Congress. Sudhakaran said that if it is found that there are jihad and narcotics jihad activities, an inquiry will be demanded.

Even when the government says it has solved the problem, there are such references from religious leaders. Therefore, Sudhakaran said, the government’s claim that the issue has been resolved is baseless.

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The KPCC president and the Leader of the Opposition had met the religious leaders yesterday. This was criticized by Vijayaraghavan. In this context, K Sudhakaran’s response was that Vijayaraghavan alleged that the Congress was trying to promote communalism.

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Meanwhile, Leader of the Opposition VD Satheesan also responded to Vijayaraghavan. VD Satheesan scoffed at the age in which the party secretary was living. A. Vijayaraghavan has no opinion of his own in the present controversy. He had said that the policy of the CPI (M) was to keep the present problems going for a long time.

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