IndiaVijay Gokhale says China has tried to use left parties against US...

Vijay Gokhale says China has tried to use left parties against US nuclear deal

New Delhi: Former Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale has accused China of using its links with the Left parties to sabotage the India-US nuclear deal. It is alleged that China has misused its close ties with the Left parties in India to raise resistance at the domestic level against the UPA government’s new plan. The new book by Vijay Gokhale, who has worked in China for a long time, contains serious allegations.

China used the Left parties

Gokhale, who has worked in China for more than 20 years and has been in charge of Chinese affairs at the Union Ministry of Foreign Affairs for seven years, has published a new book, Penguin Books, entitled How China Negotiates with India: A Long Story. Vijay Gokhale was in charge of the Ministry of External Affairs during the 2007-2009 nuclear deal controversy. He retired as foreign secretary last year.

One of Gokhale’s books alleges that China used its close ties with the Communist parties in India. Top leaders of the CPI and the CPM had visited China for talks and medical treatment. The Chinese Communist Party and the Communist Parties in India stood firm on their nationalism on important issues. Gokhale, however, said that the Chinese Communist Party was concerned about the Indo-US nuclear deal.

China interfered in domestic politics

“China, perceiving the influence of the Left parties in the UPA government and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, may have played with the fear of communist leaders that India was moving closer to the United States. This may have been the first example of China interfering in India’s domestic politics, but they were always careful to hide behind the curtain.” According to the Indian Express, this is what Gokhale wrote in his book.

Left media was also used

According to the report, China’s approach to India during the nuclear deal was quite different from that adopted by India in 1998 when it conducted a nuclear test. Gokhale alleges that China used the Left media in addition to the Left parties to try to highlight the nuclear deal as a matter of principle. The book also alleges that China has gone too far in influencing India’s stakeholders.

Karat denies the allegations

However, the newspaper reports that the then CPM general secretary Prakash Karat denied the allegations. The Left parties left the UPA in 2008 in protest of the signing of the nuclear deal. However, Prakash Karat said that the CPM was opposed to signing the agreement with the US in view of the military demand. “India-US cooperation was opposed because military cooperation was the key factor. Subsequent events proved it to be true. What did we get out of the nuclear deal? They said we could increase our nuclear power. Nothing happened.” Prakash Karat said that what happened with the nuclear deal was only that the relationship between India and the US military was stronger and that the CPM had said at the time that this would happen.

China, however, was opposed then

Karat said that with the signing of the nuclear deal, India had become strategically dependent on the US. He said the Left parties had not discussed the matter with China in any way. He said China would have supported India instead of the US in the nuclear support group, but there would have been no difference in their position.

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