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Vietnamese stars were shocked when they heard that Phi Nhung died because of Covid-19

After struggling with Covid-19 and being treated by doctors of Cho Ray Hospital, singer Phi Nhung did not survive. She took her last breath at noon on September 28, 2021. The departure of the female singer made the artist world feel sad. On social networks, many Vietnamese stars expressed their shock and grief when they heard the bad news.

Singer Phi Nhung passed away in mourning from colleagues and the audience

A close friend of Phi Nhung, supermodel Xuan Lan, posted an article: “The person lying still without complaining about dying on the apartment. A corner of the sky, people still sitting, a petty life. Please go gently”.
Singer Dan Truong wrote: “When I heard that Phi Nhung had just passed away, Dan Truong couldn’t believe it, thinking that Nhung was almost coming back… how could it be like this, Nhung. Rest in peace, Nhung will live forever in this life. Everyone’s heart. My condolences to Phi Nhung’s family.” Actor Nhat Kim Anh, actor Nam Thu, singer Duong Trieu Vu … and many artists also expressed shock, not believing that singer Phi Nhung had gone. For more details, please watch the video.