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Video: ‘UFO convoy’ shown to pilot at an altitude of 39,000 feet above sea! Aliens caught on camera?


  • US military pilot spotted UFO ‘fleet’ over South China Sea
  • The pilot recorded the video from an altitude of 39,000 feet – ‘Don’t know what?’
  • Some said there was a possibility of military activity and some believed the UFO claim

Washington / Beijing
So far, many claims have been made about aliens, but none of these claims have been confirmed. Most claims are about aliens being ‘seen’ and are often made. The latest claim has been made by a US military pilot and as evidence he has also released a video. Sharing the video on social media, the military pilot dubbed the mysterious thing seen in the sky over the South Chine Sea as the ‘Fleet’ of UFOs.

According to the Independent’s report, the video was recorded on November 24. American Military News reported that it was recorded on a UFO tracking website on December 4. The pilot can be heard saying, ‘I don’t know what it is? This is some strange thing.’ By the end of the video, this glowing thing disappears in the clouds to which the pilot says – ‘Gone’.
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Lights seen flying above the clouds
According to the report, he was at an altitude of 39,000 feet above the sea while recording the video. In the 53-second video, three groups of four lights can be seen flying in line above the clouds. They do not look like any ordinary aircraft. It was shared on Twitter by ChillzTV on Tuesday, on which people gave different opinions. One Twitter user wrote, ‘At first glance I thought it was a reflection of the cockpit glass… but no. It is not like that and now I am thinking that it could be a military action.

UFO or military activity?
Many relied on the UFO claim and agreed with the pilot. This is not the first time that a video has claimed to have seen a UFO. However, no statement has been issued regarding the video recorded on November 24. The South China Sea is also known for China’s military activities, which could be an aspect of the lights seen in the video.