VIDEO: This is how a camel climbs sand dunes in the desert,...

VIDEO: This is how a camel climbs sand dunes in the desert, its task is not easy

Ever seen how a camel climbs the dunes in the desert, watch the video here

The king of the desert camel can easily survive in the sandy environment of the desert without water and food. Actually, the structure of the camel’s body is such that it is not affected by sand and dry winds, it can live for a week without drinking water and without eating for a month. This king of the desert has long hair on his eyes, eyelids and ears, which do not allow sand to enter the body. You probably know these qualities of a camel, but have you ever seen how camels climb the sand dunes in the desert. This climb seems easy but it is not, for this camel adopts some special technique.

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watch video here

A camel climbs sand dunes like this

In a video going viral on social media, it can be seen how a camel is climbing a sand dune by following special techniques. It can be seen in the video that the camel folds both its front legs to climb the mound and comes on its knees. After this, he takes one step forward to climb the mound on his knees and then leaps forward like a frog with both the back legs. This is not an easy task for a camel, but this king of the desert must have climbed so many mounds every day. In the video, you can see how slowly the camel moves forward and climbs the mound. Once he climbs the mound, he resumes his normal walk.

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Camel has this specialty

Did you know that a camel can drink more than 40 liters of water at a time? The hump on the back of a camel, it stores fat in it and runs its work for months with this energy. The legs of the camel are wide, due to which it spreads its feet on the sand and walks easily, its feet do not sink in the sand. Actually, the body structure of the camel is such that it easily spends its life in the desert, with its long neck, it is able to eat the leaves on the trees.

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