WorldVideo: Taliban return to Afghanistan, G24 hours at Ground Zero

Video: Taliban return to Afghanistan, G24 hours at Ground Zero

Own report: Afghanistan under Taliban occupation. Then India tried to bring back the Indians trapped in Afghanistan. Emergency preparations in several countries, including India. India was scheduled to depart for Afghanistan at 12.30 pm instead of 8.30 pm on Monday. At the direction of the government, two planes have been kept ready to evacuate the Indians in case of emergency. A team of flight attendants has also been prepared by Air India.

Meanwhile, there was a rush at the airport to leave Kabul for Afghanistan. He is also hanging on the wheel of a moving plane desperately trying to leave the country. The worst situation is in Kabul.

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The Taliban have taken control of the Afghan Presidential Palace. The Taliban have also taken over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defense. The airport in Kabul has been closed to the public for about two days. G’s representative showed a picture of that terror directly from Afghanistan.

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