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Video: Sukmavati, daughter of former Indonesian President Sukarno, adopted Hinduism from Islam, priest sprinkled holy water, recited mantras

Sukmavati Sukarnoputri, daughter of former Indonesian President Sukarno, has left Islam and converted to Hinduism. Sukmavati converted to Hinduism at the Sudhi Vadani ceremony held at Sukarno Center Bali. In many videos shared on social media, she is seen following religious rituals. He also held a press conference after the event. Social media users are calling it the spread of Sanatam Dharma in Southeast Asia.

In the video, the priest can be seen reciting mantras and sprinkling holy water on Sukmavati. Aarti was also performed in their traditional way and other beliefs were also followed. Sukmavati is fully aware of all the principles and traditions of Hinduism. There are many temples associated with Hinduism in Bali and people from all over the world come to see it.

accused of insulting islam
Sukmavati is now 70 years old and is Sukarno’s third daughter. Younger than him is former President Megavati Sukarnoputri. She is also the founder of the Indonesia National Party. He was married to Kanjeng Gusti Paangeran Adipati Arya but they got divorced in the year 1984. In the year 2018, Sukmavati was accused of saying a poem that insulted Islam.
The daughter of the former President of Indonesia will leave Islam today, will become a Hindu, know who is Sukmavati
Indonesia’s largest religion Islam
Not only this, radical Muslim groups in Indonesia had filed a blasphemy case against Sukmavati. After this Sukmavati apologized. Islam is the largest religion in Indonesia. Not only this, the world’s largest Muslim population lives in the Southeast Asian country. A large number of Hindus also live on the island of Bali in Indonesia. Many temples have been built here and Ramayana is staged.