WorldVideo: Seeing gold biscuits turned into 1 kg golden chain, watch the...

Video: Seeing gold biscuits turned into 1 kg golden chain, watch the machinery

No one likes to wear gold jewellery. From women to men, gold jewelery is attracted by everyone. Making these ornaments is also an art in itself. How the gold chain that adorns your neck travels through the machines to reach you is a very interesting process. A video has been shared on social media regarding this. It can be seen how a 24 carat gold biscuit is converted into a one kg gold chain.

The process of making a gold chain is a little different in the video. It looks as if it is being made in a big iron factory. Big machines are being used to make chains. First of all the gold biscuits and gold scratches are weighed. It is then mixed with other metals, melted and given a liquid form. This liquid of gold is poured into a mold to give it the shape of a rod.
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14 carat chain made of 24 carat biscuits
It is cut into rings and separated by giving it the shape of a spring. After grinding and polishing the rings together, the sparkling gold chain is ready. Its weight is checked by weighing it again. Finally its lock is made from a gold leaf. The chain made from 24 carat gold biscuit is actually 14 carat gold.

Millions of people have watched the video so far
Its video has been shared on Facebook with an account named Supercar Blondie. So far it has been viewed by more than 48 million people. More than 80 people have liked the video and more than two and a half thousand have commented on it. Many people have expressed surprise at this method of gold chain formation. Such videos are often viral on social media and are liked by the users.